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Start Judges

Jason Scarlett

Director of Enterprise Architecture and Innovation
CPS Energy

Julie Manzari

Innovation Strategist
Dominion Energy

Brian Dillard

Chief Innovation Officer
City of San Antonio

Eric Seilo

Director – eMobility
Southern California Edison (SCE)

What is Start?

The time for radical innovation is now! Start@ETS is a pitch competition that brings together utilities, cities, investors, and innovators to solve real-world problems. Our goal is to elevate bold problem-solvers and their solutions to affect revolutionary change when our world needs it most.

start@ETS19 Agenda

All events listed are for October 23, 2019

Registration will remain open until 2:00 PM

Join us for breakfast and demos on the third floor of Whiskey Maverick

The utility industry is transforming rapidly, and utilities must strategize to ensure their long-term survival. Decarbonizing energy, changing business models, engaging customers more effectively, and digitalizing the grid are just a few of the challenges they face. What role do start-ups play in this process, and how can they help utilities innovate?

Capturing, managing, and analyzing data is the most significant challenge utilities face now, but it also presents the pathway to makingCapturing, managing, and analyzing data are some of the biggest challenges utilities are facing, and solving them will allow them to thrive in a changing industry. What are the most significant innovations in artificial intelligence and data management that will improve customer delivery, grid modernization, and decarbonization?

Located on the third floor of Whiskey Maverick.

This session examines the challenges utilities face in engaging with customers and discusses the most innovative solutions. What is working, what can be changed, and how can we serve customers across the economic spectrum?

In 2018, a mere 12% of VC dollars went to teams with at least one female founder (, and 77% of all venture backed founders were white (Crunchbase). Women and people of color represent a vastly untapped market for innovation. How can we ensure these groups are included and that the industry is driven by a diverse group of leaders?

Lunch and demos will be on the third floor of Maverick Whiskey.

The 6 start@ets19 finalists will make their pitches during this time.

Please use this time to network or visit the demo space on the third floor of Maverick Whiskey.

From AI to cybersecurity, blockchain to AR/VR, many technologies are impacting how utilities approach grid modernization and decarbonization. What are the breakthrough technologies that will allow utilities to update key infrastructure while ensuring a resilient renewables-based energy system?

Located on the second floor of Whiskey Maverick.

Located on the second floor of Whiskey Maverick.

Join us as we announce the start@ETS19 winner.

Join us for Happy Hour and Demos as we conclude start@ETS19!

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