Al Choi

Manager, Innovation
Xcel Energy

Al Choi is a manager on Innovation team at Xcel Energy; he has 12 years of utility experience managing and researching energy-related technologies such as: smart grids/cities, microgrids, batteries, renewables integration, distributed energy resources, home automation, electric vehicles and demand response systems. Some of his specific accomplishments include leading the Xcel Energy SmartGridCityTM network and security program, Solar-to-Battery and Community Energy Storage projects, as well as integrating research and investment efforts from the Energy Impact Partners fund.

Al also has 17+ years of management consultant and network engineering experience working for Ernst & Young, IBM, and JD Edwards across numerous industries including healthcare, automotive, mortgage and telecommunications. He holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from Rutgers University. Al also participates on the board of the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association representing Xcel Energy.

When Al isn’t traveling internationally with his mountain bike and camera, he enjoys exploring, connecting and automating consumer electronics and technologies.